Scottish Dance Classes

Aurora re-starts on the 6th of September at High Church Hilton. 

We will return to our usual hall at Dyce from 13th September!

We look forward to seeing old and new faces alike. All are welcome.

Aurora meets each week for social dancing. We welcome beginners and experienced dancers and musicians. We provide basic tuition in Scottish traditional dances, especially Scottish country dances, so even if you’ve never danced before please come along and “have a go”. Our next AGM is on the 1st of November.

Regular meetings

Each Thursday evening, 7.30-9.00pm, in Dyce Primary School Hall, Gordon Terrace, Dyce Village, Aberdeen (here is the map.) We have an informal class of social dancing (with a break for juice, biscuits and blether!).  We welcome new dancers and new musicians.

The cost per class is £3 (£1 for students). Term payments are also available.

Membership costs £10 per year.

For information, please contact us.

Do I need special footwear?

As a beginner there is no need to buy dancing shoes. Any light shoes with a soft sole are perfectly fine to start with. It has to be mentioned though, that trainers will leave you pretty exhausted and that high heels have a certain risk of injuring yourself.

Once you’ve been to a few classes you’ll find dancing easier and more enjoyable with soft country dance shoes,  either Ghillies or Country Dance Pumps. Ghillies (the name refers to the lacing style) are black leather shoes with criss-cross laces. Country Dance Pumps (only worn by women) look very similar to Ballet Pumps. The only difference is the sole. Country Dance pumps have a full-sized sole whereas the soles of Ballet Pumps do not cover the whole base of the foot. You can buy them at various shops, such as Andrew Begg Shoes or St. Andrews Shoemaker.