Aurora Ball 2018

The ball was held at Ashdale Hall, Westhill on Saturday 2nd June 2018. Once again we had the pleasure of Sandy Nixon and his band playing for us. The theme was “The Carnival of the Animals”



The Lion Gate  R 32

The Snake Pass  J 8×32

Red Kites Over the Black Isle  S 4×32

Reel of Puffins   R 4×32

The Flight of the Falcon J 8×32

Finnan Haddies S 4×32

Kangaroo Paw  R 8×32

The Elephant’s Stampede  J 4×48


The Bees of Maggieknockater  J 4×32

The Aurora Mermaid R 5×40

Albatrosses & Shearwaters S 3×32

The Cuckoo Clock  R 8×32

The Badger’s Sett  J 4×32


The Piper & the Penguin R 88

The Raven’s Dance  J 8×32

Blue Butterfly  S 3×32

A Flock of Geese J 5×32

The Highland Rambler   R 8×40

EXTRAS:  The Irish Rover, The Machine Without Horses