10th Anniversary Book

The Aurora 10th Anniversary Book of Scottish Country Dances was published in May 2006. All twelve dances were devised by Aurora members during the previous ten years, many inspired by significant events in the history of Aurora. A number of dances from the 10th Anniversary Book featured on the programme for the Aurora Ball in May 2006 and are already proving to be popular with other dancers. The full list includes:-

Alice the Camel – a 48 bar reel for 4 couples, a fun dance devised during one of Aurora’s notorious away weekends in Aberfeldy.

Catherine’s Ceilidh – a 32 bar reel for 2 couples, danced round the room, simple but unusual.

The Clumsy Lover – a 32 bar reel for 3 couples in a 4 couple longwise set, inspired by the lively tune of the same name.

The Elephant’s Stampede – an impressive 48 bar jig for 4 couples in a square set, set to the tune of “Nellie the Elephant”.

The Giants of Foudland – a 48 bar reel in a 3 couple triangular set, using Schiehallion reels as a progression. A specially written tune adds to the enjoyment of this dance.

JB2 – a 64 bar strathspey & jig medley in a square set, devised to celebrate the marriage of Aurora members Jessica Bhattacharyya and James Bellarby (thus JB squared).

José Solera’s Farewell to Aberdeen – a 32 bar strathspey for 3 couples, written to mark the return to Spain of a popular Aurora member.

Judith’s Wedding – an exuberant 48 bar reel for 3 couples in a 3 couple longwise set, befitting the occasion.

Pas de Basque It – a 32 bar jig for 3 couples in a 4 couple set, devised to commemorate Aurora’s visit to the Basque Country.

Picardy Jig – a 40 bar jig for 4 couples in a 4 couple set, in which the figures reflect the fascination of some Aurora members with squiggles on stones.

The Pudding Mixer – a 40 bar jig for 4 couples in a 4 couple set and a great party dance.

Ten o’Clock Reel – a 40 bar reel for 5 couples in a square set with some experimental touches.

Copies of the 10th Anniversary Book are now available for purchase at only £4, which represents excellent value for money. Please use our online ordering system to request your copy. If you wish to purchase a copy of all three of our books, please use the appropriate option on our ‘Shop’ page.